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BSA12-100 Brushless Servoamplifier

BSA Series Brushless

High Performance DC Brushless Servo Amplifier

BSA12-100 is a highly reliable servo amplifier, developed for an ARSR-4  (AIR ROUTE SURVEILLANCE RADAR).  These radars are used throughout the world.

Features & Benefits

Small size, rugged construction
Military style connectors
Full digital control
Accepts +/-10V analog command
Accepts  RS485 MODBUS communication


BSA is flexible product and could be customize for many different
industrial and military applications.




 Voltage, ACPeak CurrentContinious Current
BSA 12-100 120 15 9



Motor TypeAvailability
BLDC with Hall sensors



Feedback TypeAvailability
Halls only



Command SourceAvailability
Analog input +/-10 V


Mode Of Operation

Torque Control

Speed Control



Control InputCharacteristics
Analog inputs 1 Input +/-10V, 12 Bit Resolution
Digital inputs 1 input, 5 Vdc
Digital outputs 1 output, 15 Vdc
Analog output 1 output, +/- 10 V


BSA is simple and reliable single axis drive for BLDC motors with Hall sensors and continuous current till 9 Amperes.

Configuration software for PC Fast tuning for customer’s motors, regulators tune, monitoring drives coordinates, parameters tune, 2-channel oscilloscope, system diagnostics. It is used USB interface for connection to PC.
Programmable digital and analog inputs/outputs Allows for customer to choose the events and drive coordinates for change the modes of work, parameters, control set and outputs
Test modes Scalar control, Current/frequency control
Configurable protections OverVoltage, Undervoltage, OverCurrent, Short Circuit, I2T, OverTemperature, Incorrect order of power supply. Mode of faults reset: manual via USB or power supply switch off/on.
Embedded diagnostics Led indicates the state of device and it’s faults (for fast diagnostic without PC connection)
Additional Configurable current limitation, configuration of Hall sensors order via USB, correction of scale and offset of analog input and output, space vector modulation for PWM with 3-rd harmonic injection for maximum use of DC-bus voltage

Model Number

Model Number


BSA12-100 Dimensions BSA12.PDF