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SD45 Brush Servoamplifiers


SD45  is our new addition to the family of high performance servoamplifiers. SD45 was originally designed for commercial radar applications such as  NEXRAD National Weather Service Antennas and well as several  military applications.  Thus, SD45  features compact rigid package, high current ratings and reliable failure proof power and I/O connectors.

Yet SD45 is also designed with  industrial applications in mind offering  various cost effective packaging and ratings to work in every applications of DC brush servo amplifier.
SD45 is fully digital system, easy to install and operate without potentiometers.    If you are an OEM, Integrator, retrofitter or an enduser supporting DC brush servo systems SD45 is the right solution.

Features & Benefits

Current or velocity loop
Digital input command
Analog +/- 10V analog command
15A  continuous  30A peak
20A  continuous  40A peak
30A continuous, 60A peak
40A continuous  80A peak ratings available
100-250 V  DC BUS input
Tachometer feedback
Digital I/Os such as Over travel CCW, CW, Disable and more
Ready to run right out of the shipping box.
Easy to change current limit, gains or other parameters
via our DRIVELINK  Graphic Interface


MODBUS TCP/IP Communication
EtherCat Communication
100A continuous current rating
Single Axis position controller



 Voltage, DCPeak CurrentContinuous Current

100- 250





Motor typeStandard

DC Brush Motor



Feedback typeStandard 


7,19,30V DC/1000 RPM




Command sourceStandard

Analog input +/-10 V

RS485 (Modbus RTU)


Mode of Operation


Current Control

Speed Control



Control inputCharacteristics

Analog input

2 inputs +/-10V, 16 Bit Resolution

Digital inputs

2 inputs, 5 Vdc

Digital outputs

3 outputs, open drain, up to 28 Vdc .

Analog output

1 output, +/- 10 V



DS45 is ideal single axis drive for DC brush motors with extended kit of functions and embedded system of graphical programming which allows to built applications for majority of technological processes where it is needed fast setup&run.



PLC with graphical programming language

Adaptation for logics of technological process without external PLC. Program can be created as block-diagrams, text, state-machines, algorithms and can use any events and digital/analog inputs for calculation of position/speed/torque command and digital/analog outputs as well as the values of all drive parameters.

Configuration software for PC

Fast tuning for different types of motors, regulators tune in auto- and manual mode, monitoring drives coordinates, parameters tune, 2-channel oscilloscope, system diagnostics

Log of faults and events

NV-memory storing of events history during drive work, with indication of time and sensors value (temperature, DC-bus voltage, load current, etc.)

Configurable protections

Following error, Over Voltage, Under voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, I2T, OverTemperature. Mode of faults reset: auto (with automatic motor start), manual. 4 modes of faults indication and stop.

Acceleration/deceleration profile

Linear, S-curve, acceleration limitation (option)

Built-in generators

Fast tune of current and velocity regulators


Model Number

Model Number