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Engineering Services

High Pressure Gel Propellant Valve for Tactical missile

Product Development

Our Engineering Services group was created simply because customers asked for help. They needed a product that they could not just buy on the market. Somehow the price was too high, there were too many extras they didn’t need, or the size was too large. Or people must have a totally new and unique solution to their problem.

Many companies have also scaled down their own engineering teams and decided to outsource the task not considered to be core of the firm’s technology. This is done to save cost but also due to the difficulty of finding and maintaining needed expertise in house, particularly during economic expansion.

When a customer went to a large firm with a request to develop for them an innovative solution and to build a prototype to prove the idea would work, he was always shocked by the cost to do the work. So most companies can’t afford, and often do not even bother, to attempt this kind of development. This is unfortunate, because making something new is the only chance the U.S. has to compete with low labor-cost countries.

Potomac Electric is a small, skilled, high technology development firm offering the results at prices you can afford.

We provide innovative, practical, leading edge product design. The goal from the start is that our customer must make money as the result of our work.

Sustaining Engineering and Product support

Along with new product development, Potomac Electric provides engineering services for the “trailing edge” of technology as well! Machine builders and large end users come to us when they have the problem of maintaining obsolete products. They tell us, “We have 500 machines in the field and we can’t support motors, drives and controllers. We need a practical low cost retrofit package.” And we develop a solution!

Although not glamorous, solving obsolescence problems of machines in the field is very important. The customer just can’t afford to throw away expensive machines. Helping to run them goes along with our principle — finding a practical, economical way to help our customers make money!

AC Brushless Motor

Engineering and Development Capabilities

For the last 15 years Potomac Electric has been helping customers in:

  • New Product Design, prototype and testing
  • Verification and Field Failure Analysis of an existing product
  • Buy vs. Make decisions
  • Independent Testing and Evaluation of various products

We specialize in the following areas:

  • DC motor design
  • High performance Brushless motors and Drive controls for servo applications
  • Low cost Brushless motors and controls to replace DC and Induction motors
  • State of the art drive electronics with current, velocity and position control
  • Vector control and Sensorless brushless drives
  • Independent Performance analysis and verification of motor-drive systems
  • Mechanical design of rotating electromechanical control systems

Any motor control system, whether a hybrid vehicle, medical diagnostics machine, antenna positioning system, washing machine or treadmill, requires the same steps in its development:

  • Product definition and specification
  • Computer simulation
  • Design of components and prototyping
  • Circuit boards layout and fabrication
  • Microprocessor firmware design
  • System testing and verification
  • Thermal testing, reliability, cost, packaging and UL/CE testing
  • Tooling and manufacturing assemblies process design
  • Preproduction run.

And, of course, understanding the industry, the application and the cost of the final product are critical. Potomac Electric has a small, dedicated team of engineers that will work directly with you without layers of bureaucracy.

Please let us know your needs by clicking contact us. Perhaps we already have the solution to your problem!